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Web Helpers Offset

Sometimes, elements in a web page may be nested one into another, and still have the same size. In this case you can only highlight the deepest element and by moving the cursor out of it you also move it out of its parent elements (since they all have the same size). In this case, to select a parent element, move the mouse cursor over it and click Control-Shift to move the selection to its parent element instead of the deepest one. You can press Control-Shift repeatedly to walk up the elements hierarchy.

Also, there might be cases where the Web Helpers appear with an offset relative to the elements themselves. This is caused from the fact that the web page display is not at 100% and as a result the helpers are in a different position than the one actually expected. In order to overcome this issue, you can simple press Ctrl+ (for zooming in) or Ctrl- (for zooming out) to make the Helpers circulate the elements correctly!


Helpers with offset.


Helpers with no offset.