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What is the activation code and how can I set it?

There is one kind of Tokens on which the developer can attach an activation code. If you have purchased “Per machine with Activation code” Tokens, then in the User Area you will see an option “Manage Activation codes”. If you click on this option, you will be able to create new activation codes.


Here, you can set the Quantity and an optional desired prefix. The quantity can be less or equal to the total Tokens quantity that you have available for the time being. You can generate codes for all the Tokens that you currently have, or for any number of them. After setting the quantity you are able to set an optional case sensitive prefix. Click on “Generate Codes” and a list of codes will automatically be generated for you.

Every time you are compiling a process using a Token with an activation code, then the first time that the executable will run on a machine, it will prompt the user to enter the activation code before starting the execution. Once the code is correctly passed in the popup window, then you will see in the User Area that this code’s status will be “Used”, the code will be striked out and one Token will be consumed.