Help files

Write to CSV File Action


This Action writes a Data Table Variant or Data Row Variant or List Variant to a CSV file.


Variable to Export:

Enter the name of the Data Table Variable or Data Row Variable or List Variable which must be written into the target CSV file.

File Path:

Enter or choose the CSV file to export the Variable to. This can be a file path, or a Variable containing a file or textual path.


Select the encoding to be used for writing to the CSV file specified.

Include column names:

Choose whether the column names of the variant specified should become the very first row of the CSV file. This option takes effect if and only if the target CSV file either does not initially exist or exists but is otherwise empty of text.

If file exists:

Specify the desired behavior when the targeted CSV file is found to be already present in the filesystem.

Columns Separator:

Specify the column separator to use in the CSV file to be created.