Help files

Zip Files Action


This Action compresses one or more files or folders into a Zip archive


Archive Path:

Enter the full path of the .zip file you wish to create. If this file already exists, the new zipped files and/or folders will be added to the zip file. If the zip file already contains a file or folder with the same name, the existing one will be overwritten by the one brought in by this action.

File(s) to Zip:

Enter or choose the full path of a file or folder, or the name of a variable containing a file, a folder, or a list of files or folders, that you wish to include in the zip file. A list can be built with the 'Get Files in Folder' or 'Get Subfolders in Folder' actions. If you create a list of files, all subfolder information will be lost, and these will be extracted to the base folder. If you create a list of folders, subfolders will be kept, and the files will be extracted to their same directory structure.

Compression Level:

Choose the level of compression you want to use. The higher the compression, the smaller the file, though it takes longer to create or access.


Enter a password if you want the archive to be password protected. Otherwise, leave this field blank and it will not have a password.

Archive Comment:

Enter any comment you wish to be included in the zip file as a file property.

Store Zip File into:

Enter a name to be the variable that will store the zip file created by this action.