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Deprecation guide

Deprecation guide

The Power Automate team announces the end of support for the Softomotive’s products, WinAutomation and ProcessRobot. The last day of support will be December 31, 2021. After that date, any current Softomotive customer, regardless of license type, will still be able to use their software but with no support, upgrades, and updates. This applies for all customers with no custom agreement with Softomotive. If a customer has negotiated a custom agreement and terms of service with Softomotive, they should contact their Microsoft sales rep or direct an inquiry to

WinAutomation - License file instructions

The license validation mechanism for customers with WinAutomation v6 and above is changing. All licensees with a v6 or above will receive a license file (.lic file format) from the Power Automate team which will be used for accessing and using WinAutomation.

There will be two types of license files, Full and RunOnly edition. Customers will receive the respective type according to their current license type. The license files will be delivered to the registered users' email.

The customers have to install the license file in WinAutomation and they will be able to use it without any interruption.

Note: Each customer will receive one license file per perpetual license type. Example: If a customer has 10 Full edition licenses and 5 RunOnly edition licenses, then the customer will receive 1 Full edition license file and 1 RunOnly edition license file.

Guide for installing the license file

  1. Download the latest WinAutomation release
  2. Launch the installer of WinAutomation
  3. Select WinAutomation license type
  4. Complete installation
  5. Launch WinAutomation
  6. WinAutomation will launch and navigate automatically to the License tab of Options
  7. Click on ‘Enter License’ button
  8. Locate the License file that has been shared with you in your local machine and select it in the Select file dialog
  9. Click on ‘Open’ button
  10. License is loaded and in the License tab the related information is displayed
  11. If the customer wishes to change the license type, then they have to click on ‘Change License’ button in ‘License’ tab of Options and perform the steps 8-9. For example, the RunOnly edition license file is installed but the customer wants to install the Professional Plus edition

ProcessRobot - License file update

All ProcessRobot customers with active subscriptions until the 31st of December 2021 will receive new license files, corresponding to the ones they currently have – with the same number of Servers, Sidebots and Solobots – and expiration date set into the future.

Process migrator for Softomotive products

While Softomotive’s products will no longer be supported, updated, and upgraded, the Power Automate team invites the Softomotive products customers to explore end-to-end intelligent automation in Microsoft Power Automate, which now features expanded robotic process automation (RPA) technology from Softomotive. Migration tools are available to move processes over from WinAutomation and/or ProcessRobot to Power Automate. They could find more information about the Process migrator tool for Softomotive products here: