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Create a simple Process - Part 1

In this part of the 'Building a Simple Process' section, we'll discuss how to create a simple Process using WinAutomation.

The Process will include two Actions: one to create a Folder named TestFolder on the C:\ drive, and another to display a message box, with the title "My First Process" and the message "Folder 'TestFolder' has been created!"

1. Click on the New Process icon in the top left of the Processes Tab in the Console:


2. In the Create New Process window that opens, type "Create New Folder" into the New Process's Name field.

3. Click on the Process Designer icon:


4. In the Designer Window that opens, expand the Folders Action Category from the Actions Pane on the left.

5. Double Click on the "Create Folder" action and drag and drop Create Folder action into the Workspace


6. In the Create Folder Property Window that opens, enter C:\ into the Create New Folder field , enter "TestFolder" into the New Folder Name field and click on OK button to close it


7. Double Click on the Display Message action or drag and drop the Display Message action into the Workspace


8. In the Display Message Properties Window that opens, enter "My First Process" into the Message Box Title field, enter "Folder 'TestFolder' has been created!" into the Message to Display field and click 'OK' to close the window:


Having made these configurations, the Process Designer Window should look like the image below:


Click 'Start' to run the Process from the Process Designer Window

The Process Designer Window should look like the image below:


Click on OK button or click the Stop icon to close the message box and to stop the Process from running.

On the Variables Pane on the right you can see the variables that have been created from the execution of the Process above.

Finally, make sure that the Folder has been created on drive C!