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Create a simple Process- Part 3

Next, it is easy to add a Trigger or a Schedule. WinAutomation supports many different kinds of Triggers and Schedules and this will allow the Process to be run automatically, for example when you enter a Hotkey, or, with Ping Trigger, whenever you are offline, or at specific times. Today you'll set up the two most common ones - at a certain time (Schedule) and at the touch of a Hotkey (Trigger). Make sure you have the WinAutomation Console open, and have a finished Process - the "Create New Folder with DateTime" you created in Part 2 is good.Click on the Triggers Tab and select "New". Form the Available Triggers select "Hotkey Monitor Trigger" and select the hotkey you want, on the window that will popup:


The next dialog that open "Assign Process to Trigger" lists all the Processes that you have created. You can choose the Process that you want to attach the trigger to.

gettingstarted 3.3.png

The newly created Trigger is now listed in the Triggers main pane.


Now try it out. When you press Ctrl+B, the Process will run, you will get a folder with the current date and time as the name and a Message that it was created. Press Ctrl+B again and you will get another folder with a different time, if only by a few seconds.

Apart from the Triggers you also have the option to attache a Schedule to a your Process. For this, you would have to click on the "Scheduler" tab, click on "New" select the "Schedule".


Enter a Custom Description and then choose a frequency and time to run the Process, for example Daily at 3 p.m.

gettingstarted 3.6.png

Decide whether you want the Process to run immediately or be skipped for the day if the Process is delayed (for example the computer wasn't on) and choose an expiration date if you want one. We'll accept the default on both of these. Again the "Assign Process to Schedule" dialog will appear to select the Process to which the Schedule will be attached.

Now you have a Trigger and a Schedule attached to your Process. This way the Process will run automatically every day at 3:00pm OR when you press Control+B.