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Installation Guide

To install WinAutomation:

1) Execute the installation file and press the Next button within the Welcome Screen.


2) Read and accept the License Agreement of the product.


3) Select the Destination Folder of the installation. The default option is the 'Program Files' folder of the C disk.


4) In this step, you can change the default name of the Program Folder. If you want to create a Desktop Shortcut, check the appropriate option.


5a) Select if you want to use Microsoft Power Automate or WinAutomation license.


In case you choose the Power Automate type of license, a pop-up window will prompt you to enter your email address during the first launch.


Next, you will be prompted to enter your credentials.


5b) If you want to install the WinAutomation Web Extension(s) for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and/or Microsoft Edge, check the relevant option(s). If you want to use the Actions related to these browsers, the installation of the respective extensions is mandatory.

6) Lastly, press the Next Button and wait for the installation to be completed.


The first time you will launch WinAutomation, you will be prompted to enter a Master Key. This Master Key is used to encrypt the Process Passwords as well as Passwords applied in Triggers