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License Tab

License Tab is visible exclusively when a WinAutomation license has been used. In case of activation through a Microsoft Power Automate account, the tab is not available.

In the License Tab you can view your License info. It shows all the details of your registered license.


Entering your WinAutomation License:

Depending on whether the machine is equipped with an active internet connection or not, entering your License key has as follows:

1. Machine is connected to the internet

You can enter a License key in your WinAutomation console by clicking on the "Enter License Key" button or the "Change License Key" (if you want to enter a different License Key).

Enter your license key to the relative field and press the "OK" button as shown below.


2. Machine is NOT connected to the internet:

Click on the Enter License Key option and the window "WinAutomation Licensing Server Unreachable-Install License Manually" will popup.

Click on the "Copy link" button and paste it on an internet browser on a machine that is connected to the Internet. Having done so, copy the License string that the page will provide to you; paste it in the relative field of the WinAutomation licensing window and hit "OK".


Congratulations, WinAutomation is now successfully licensed!

Unassigning a License key from your WinAutomation console, in order to use it on another machine:

There are two ways to Unassign a License key.

- You can either deregister a machine from its license key from the WinAutomation console by navigating to Options > License > Deregister Machine, as shown in the screenshot above,

-Or login to the User Area using the email under which your purchase was made and click on the "Unassign license" option.

Renewing the subscription:

In case your license expires in less than thirty days, the "Renew Subscription" button will become available, allowing you to renew your subscription.