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Release History

Improvements and Corrections:

  • Issue with the "Retrieve Emails action" when email subject includes more than 30 space characters is now resolved.

  • Webpages used to keep the 'winautomationoriginalcolor' attribute on their elements even after refreshing the page.

  • Issue with Autologin when the password was empty has been resolved.

  • The WinAutomation server has been deactivated and all licensees will register their WinAutomation copies using a license file.

Improvements and Corrections:

  • Triggers/Schedules now run password-protected Processes without failing.

  • Fixed Tenant endpoint for GCC on Microsoft License.

  • Issue with Processes failing after the autologin feature is used has been resolved.

  • Existing Micro Focus session profiles now can be used by multiple users at the same time.

  • The path of the Process.dat file now can be changed when a Process is running by a different user in the same machine.

  • Fixed issue with DPI for SAP.

General New Features:

  • National Clouds Users are now able to access and use WinAutomation v9.

Improvements and Corrections:

  • Issue when "Clear Cache" and/or "Cookies" is checked in "Launch New Firefox" Action has been resolved.

  • "Attachment not found" exception in the "Send Exchange Email Message" Action now is properly handled.

  • "Move Window" Action now works properly with Maximized Internet Explorer after resizing.

  • Issue when Login/Logout of a Microsoft Account, while the WinAutomation Service has stopped, is now resolved.

  • Performance Counter Trigger now saves data correctly.

  • Inconsistencies with the Focus Window Action have been resolved.

  • Issue with the validation of the Shared Mailbox option in the Exchange Monitor Trigger has been resolved.

  • "More info" option for Amazon Actions now works properly.

General New Features:

  • Account Tab has been introduced for Microsoft Power Automate Licenses.

  • Users can sign out of their Microsoft Power Automate account or launch Account Tab by clicking the relevant option on the bottom right corner of the Console.

Improvements and Corrections:

  • Issue with the execution of a generated EXE file when Action "Send Keys" is used has been resolved.

  • Issue for Test Connection in Database Monitor Trigger has been corrected.

General New Features:

  • WinAutomation now supports Microsoft Edge for Web Automation.

  • A Master Key has been introduced to encrypt all passwords and processes.

  • A Microsoft Power Automate license can be used to authenticate and use WinAutomation.

New Actions:

  • Action “Launch New Edge browser” has been added.

Improvements and Corrections:

  • Processes that include sensitive data Actions now require an encryption password during export.

  • Connect to Capturefast Action now throws an error in case of invalid Username or Password.

  • Password retrieval no longer supports the “via command line” option for Autologin and Email and Exchange Triggers.

  • WinAutomation issues on VMware Horizon have been resolved.

  • Issue with Automatic Logging records when filtered by Process has been resolved.

  • Issue with “Close Window” action that could not find Window has been resolved.

  • Web related Actions have been enhanced with the option to accept untrusted certificates in order to proceed with the Action.

  • Status Monitor Icon used to cause User Agent to crash on Windows 7 with ESU.

  • WinAutomation memory management has been improved.

  • Schedules used to show the next scheduled run as “N/A” for February 29 on a leap year.

  • Emails with attachments with no 'Content-Disposition: attachment' header are now recognized.

  • Issue with processes getting stuck in “Get Details of Element on Web Page” actions on web pages that were no longer active has been resolved.

  • Variables of Null Value type used to affect the external variables of a process.

  • Issue with interaction with “File upload button” on Chrome has been resolved.

  • Issue with editing and exporting upgraded Processes has been resolved.

  • Issue while exporting password-protected processes has been resolved.

General New Features

  • Triggers can now be configured to retry after encountering an error.

  • "External ID" field added to Process Properties.

  • "External ID" and "Execution ID" columns added to Logs.

New Actions:

  • “Active Directory” group of Actions allows direct interaction with Windows Active Directory.

  • “Ancora” group of Actions provides integration with the ancoraDocs document analysis and processing software.

  • “Amazon” Group of Actions directly integrates with cloud environments in the Amazon Web Services platform.

  • “Azure” group of Actions allows Users to directly automate cloud environments in the Azure platform.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Improved stability of the Automation Browser.

  • Pager elements now work properly during Web Extraction.

  • “Error message” property added to “Exception” type Variables.

  • The Timeout option in the Upload Document to CaptureFast Action now works as expected.

  • Extracting text from PDF files now works as intended.

  • Exception Handling in “Launch New Internet Explorer” Action now functions as expected.

  • “Continue anyway” option in the “Start Process” Action now functions as intended.

  • “Wait For Window” Action no longer causes RAM usage to rise.

  • “Set Dropdown list value on Web page” Action now supports parentheses.

  • Extracting text from PDF files now works as intended.

  • Database Actions now support the TinyInt data type.

  • Files used in the "Extract Text with OCR" Action are no longer considered in use after the Action has finished.

  • Regions and Comments are now allowed in Switch blocks.

Improvements and Corrections

  • Autologin used to return an error when a legal notice was in place

  • Corrected issue on “Get Password from CyberArk” action where it falsely required an "AppID" parameter

  • Macro recorder now records the “Populate Text Field on Window” action instead of the “Send Keys” action

  • Corrected issue where Java elements could not be captured if Java was not installed in English

  • Corrected issue where “Decrypt Text” action added white-spaces in the encrypted text

  • File Monitor trigger now recognizes the “~$” characters

  • Resolved issue where Timeout of “Upload Document to CaptureFast” action was not applied

General New Features

  • Global Concurrency Policy can now be set

  • New Triggers added: Exchange Email Monitor, Database Monitor, Performance Counter

  • Recurring Schedules can be assigned a Start and Expiration date & time


  • Concurrency Policy subtab added to the Console Options Tab

Process Designer

  • The option to remove all breakpoints in a Process has been added

  • Controls in the Controls Repository can now be sorted

New Actions

  • "Run Python Script" Action enables Users to execute Python scripts

  • "Cryptography" Action group enables the encrypting, decrypting and hashing of data and files

  • "CaptureFast" Action group provides integration with the cloud-based data capturing platform CaptureFast

  • "CyberArk" Action group offers integration with the CyberArk secure password vault platform

  • "Cognitive" Action group enables integration with Cognitive functions provided by Google, IBM and Microsoft

  • "Terminal Emulation" Action group allows interaction with legacy terminals

Improvements and Fixes

  • Email triggers can now retrieve the password from the Command Line

  • User Agent no longer fails to connect when Authentication options are missing

  • Improved capturing and use of Pager elements in Google Chrome

  • The "Include Subfolders" option when synchronizing files on SFTP Servers now works as expected

  • "Find Usages" in the Process Designer is no longer case sensitive

  • Improvements in UI and Web Automation

  • The Table Extraction Preview no longer omits the first row when an entire HTML Table is extracted

  • Improved performance in workstations where Java is not installed

  • Restarting the WinAutomation Server no longer causes an error in Autologin using Command Line

  • Information window no longer pops up when the cursor does not hover over the WinAutomation tray icon

  • Using Mouse and Keyboard Actions in compiled Processes no longer causes an error

  • Improved the performance of UI Controls in compiled Processes

Improvements and Corrections

  • Use of pagers when extracting web data is now fully functional.

  • “Launch new Internet Explorer” Action exception handling is now able to handle all related exceptions.

  • Macro Recorder now recognizes the use of “Populate Text Field in Window” Action.

  • Java automation is now independent of the Java installation language.

  • Controls captured in previous software versions are now fully compatible with the latest version.

  • Improved performance of SAP automation.

  • File Monitor Trigger can now filter for filenames containing the characters “~$”.

  • Legal notice on startup no longer causes Autologin to fail.

  • Regions and Comments can now be added in Switch blocks, outside Cases.

Improvements and Corrections

  • Improved interaction with web Java applets

  • Corrected window status on launch

  • Windows Task-bar Icon now appears when a Compiled Process is executed and the relevant option is selected

  • Processes including the "Extract Data from Web Page" Action no longer throw an error when compiled to an executable

  • Resolved issue where launching Web Browsers would throw an error

Improvements and Corrections

  • Adjusted width size in the Custom Dialog designed to show all required information

  • "Open FTP" Action used to throw an error when used with Autologin

  • All actions within a Switch, now require to be within a Case as well

  • Backup of the database can now be performed for any database size

  • Improved performance of UI/Desktop actions

  • Improved performance of Web Automation actions

  • Send Email action, now works with accounts that do not require authentication

  • "Merge PDF Files" action now supports password protected files

  • WinAutomation now supports File monitoring Trigger for network folders for logged out users

  • "Zip File" and "Unzip File" actions now support the use of password protected files

  • Improved comparison of variables according to their datatypes

  • Send Email through Outlook action now supports sending emails from shared mailboxes

  • Improved location of objects using image recognition actions

  • "Invoke Web Service" action now includes the HTTP Patch method

  • Fix on control’s extraction from the Automation Browser

  • Ability to extract text through digitally signed PDF documents

  • Exporting the Logs from the WinAutomation Console, now includes the additional details as well

  • "Synchronize FTP" Action now takes the "Transfer Type" settings in the WinAutomation Console Options Tab into consideration before the transfer

Improvements and Corrections

  • Web Selectors now support use of Regular expressions

  • “Retrieve Exchange Email Messages” Action now supports shared email accounts

  • User now gets notified before deleting a Trigger or Schedule

  • Processes imported from a higher version can be opened in the Process Designer, informing the user that the specific actions are not supported

  • “Send Click” Action, now sends correct Left/Right click when mouse button settings are reversed

  • Improved interaction with Excel files in 32-bit installations

  • Legal Notice message now gets bypassed when Autologin is used

Improvements and Corrections

  • WinAutomation is able to access and interact with SAP applications (Only available in the Professional Plus Edition)

  • Logs can now be exported in .xlsx, .xls and .csv format

  • Search Option to search for functions in the functions pane

  • “Send Keys” action now supports sending the “Enter” key located on the NumPad

Improvements and Corrections

  • WinAutomation is able to access and interact with Java-based applications (Only available in the Professional Plus Edition)

  • Actions that included Unicode characters, now accept the use of variables without throwing an error

  • Move mouse to image in selected sub-region now targets the correct image on the screen

  • Generated executables now accept the use of "Launch Chrome" and "Launch Firefox" actions

  • Triggers and Schedules operate correctly among multiple users

  • WinAutomation is now a high-dpi friendly application

General New Features

  • "Set expiry date" in Schedule, now includes the time also

  • The option to provide the Autologin password via a Command Line

  • “Automatic Logging” to log ALL actions and their execution timing in the Logs

  • The ability to get a Screenshot of the monitor(s) and add it in the logs, upon an exception (Set from the Process Properties of from the Exception handling)

  • Additional details of an error, available in the Process Designer and not only through the Console Logs

  • Add a WinAutomation shortcut while installing for easy and quick access

  • Web Automation enhancement with supporting IE, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

Note: The term "Robot" which was used for the automated tasks/processes has been replaced by "Process"

Process Designer

  • “Find Usages” for Functions, displaying a list of where each Function is being used for ease of troubleshooting

  • “Sort Images” in the Images Repository by Name or Date for ease of access

  • “Go to Line” Functionality in the Process Designer to enable better troubleshooting in large processes

  • “Text Search” within the Process Designer to search for any text present in the actions, comments or regions

  • Image magnifier tool is now showing in all Image related actions, for more accuracy in Image capturing

  • Mass Function delete. The option to select more than one Functions and delete them all

New Actions

  • Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome support for better Web-Automation

  • “Run Excel Macro” New Action in order ton Run an Excel Macro by its name

  • “Execute JavaScript on Web Browser” New Action in order to run JavaScripts on a webpage

  • “Save Excel” New Action, that will help in saving an Excel file without having to close it

  • “Extract PDF Pages to New PDF” New Action, for splitting a PDF file into smaller parts

  • Time Zone added to “Get Current Date and Time” Action

  • Support for OCR with two engines: MODI and Tesseract

  • New conditional actions for decision making “Switch-Case”

  • Supporting Microsoft Exchange with new Email actions

Improvements and Fixes

  • “Wait for Hotkey” action was not throwing an exception if it failed to bind the key in runtime

  • Problem with renaming a Process while using special characters

  • “Event Log Trigger” issue for event id “4625” which was not triggering correctly

  • “Get Files in Folder” action when including Sub-Folders throwing an error

  • Console to remember the size/position/column width and save it correctly when the relevant option is checked in the “Options > General”

  • "Invoke Web Service” action does not return Response and Headers in case of Error code

  • Action “Read Text from File” was stuck due to special character

  • Action “Paste Cells to Excel Worksheet” was throwing an error message

  • In the Controls’ repository, the Desktop Icons items were not shown correctly

  • Folders Control was not appearing when restoring the layout

  • Logs not showing the folders upon installing a new version

  • “Get Files in Folder” and “Get Subfolders in Folder” were not erroneous in cases where the root directory itself was denied

  • “Stop Process” action is now stopping the Process even in an exception handle block

  • The ability to delete a folder that contains more than 2000 Process

  • “If Process is late” in a schedule’s option was not working in some cases

  • “Close Excel” action. There were cases where the excel process was still present even after the file was closed

  • The Hotkey for Stopping All Processes was failing to register correctly

  • “Read From Excel” action was throwing an error when reading only one cell’s value using a restricted cell range targeting only that one cell

  • Values of variables defined in the Variables Manager, were not show correctly before running the Process

  • Variables that were set in exception handling were not having their types recognized correctly

  • When using the option “Default Layout” the “Main” Function was not being docked

  • Exception that was happening when adding control in action Expand/Collapse Tree Node other than a Tree node control

  • When copying action “Drag and Drop Element in Window”, controls were not being copied along

  • Reopening a Process with a variables search filter was only showing the filter's variables

  • If a process name contained any of Windows Invalid file name characters the Process was not starting

  • Improve the way temp files are used from WA when it needed

  • Obfuscation in generated executables for data encryption

  • “Run Process” action, to indicate and find the child Process by its path, then by its guid and then by the same folder

  • Adding a scroll bar in the “Find Usages” results for better navigation

  • Renaming a Processes Folder, the arrow keys to navigate to a certain letter in the title had no effect

  • Improved the Options Tab in the WinAutomation Console for better User Experience

Improvements and Corrections

  • WinAutomation Console is now remembering the layout changes

  • Handling temp files in a much more efficient way, creating a WinAutomation subfolder in the Temp

  • Autologin improvement, as now the password is being checked for being valid or not before proceeding to the autologin

  • Issue with gear icon window visibility, in the properties of an action, when panes are undocked is now resolved

  • Invoke Web Service action works now as expected in case of Error Code

  • Action "If Image" while checking the option to "Find All Images in List", was taking under consideration only the second image

  • Correction in the "Retrieve Email Messages From Outlook" action when the sender is a user of the same domain

  • Images captured from WinAutomation version 6 or earlier can now be opened

  • The error message thrown in action "Process Emails", while trying to move mails to a folder that does not exist, is now refined

  • Run Dos Command" action is not hanging anymore on specific commands

  • Action "Read Text from File" correctly handling special characters without breaking the process

  • Invalid Windows file name characters, are no longer acceptable in process names

  • When copying "Drag and Drop Element in Window" action, controls were not copied along


  • Default value in "Wait for Image" action, "Wait for Image to" action's input is now "Appear"

  • Special characters in a process's title are not allowed,when creating one

  • Outlook accounts are now being read by name, case insensitive


  • Certain Processes' properties in General, Run and Concurrency Policy were not being saved correctly

  • "Find Usages" option in variables, was generating an error when double clicked, after deleting a variable or its associated actions

  • Error in Logs, appearing when terminating a process from the Task Manager is now fixed

  • "Display Notification popup Window" option now preserves the users setting (checked-unchecked) after restarting the machine

  • Closing all functions in a Process Designer, was not allowing the opening of other functions

  • Action "Stop Process" with error message was not working correctly

  • Action "Get First Free Row on Column from Excel Worksheet" was not working correctly

  • In action "Set DropDown List Value on Web Page", in Advanced tab, field "If a Pop-Up Dialog Appears", when choosing option "Press a Button" the value set in the menu that was not being saved

  • The Tab button was not working correctly in some actions' properties window

  • When selecting the "Default Layout" option in the Process Designer, functions should revert to their tab based view (or close)

  • "Get Details of Window" action, when getting a Window's title was not returning any value

General New Features

  • Find Process: A new option in the console, with which you are now able to search for your Processes

  • WinAutomation Controller: New option using the controller to export information about a specific process or the full database in XML

Process Designer

  • Images Repository: Introducing the images repository. Similar to the control repository, now all the images are being stored in the images repository

  • Remove Unused Controls: New option, to remove unused controls from the control repository. This option, is offered in the images repository as well

  • Reorder Selectors: Now, you have the ability to reorder the selectors in the control repository

  • Find Usages: New feature with which actions are using a particular control

  • Exception Handling: New exception handling rules such as "Set Variable" and option to set rules for "All Exceptions"

  • Copying actions with their associated controls: Copying an action from one process to another, copies the associated controls as well

New Actions

  • Exception Block Actions: Introducing the Exception Block actions, with which you can set an exception handling rule for all the actions located within the block

  • Set and Get Screen Resolution Actions: New actions, with which you have the ability to get the resolution of your screen or set another resolution to your screen

  • Open - Close SQL Connection Actions: New actions, with which you can open and close an SQL connection

  • CMD Session Actions: Introducing the CMD session group of actions to execute commands and get responses

  • Additional Excel actions: Introducing a group of new Excel actions such as options to Insert or Delete columns on a spreadsheet

  • Outlook Actions: Introducing Outlook actions with which you can interact with MS Outlook

  • Synchronization Actions: Introducing Synchronization actions and Lock Handles with which you can avoid one process affecting another while execution

  • PDF Actions: Introducing this new group of actions with which you can extract text and images from PDF files

Improved: Reduced the time of execution of the "Zip Files" action.

Improved: Improved the "Email" group of actions.

Corrected: After upgrading to the latest Windows 10 Creators Update, not being able to capture UI Controls is now fixed.

Corrected: "Get Processes Path" action returned a different text value when running from the console from when running through the Process's Designer is now fixed.

Corrected: "Unzip action" is able to unzip empty folders.

Corrected: "Invoke Web Service" action does not fail when the Expect: 100-continue is set as a header.

Improved: Adding a control with the same name in a control repository add the suffix (2), (3) and so on.

Improved: Better screenshots are now taken for the controls in the control repository.

Improved: Autologin for Professional Edition supports usernames and passwords containing spaces.

Corrected: Processes not being able to run due to error message with multiple conditionals not being ended correctly (if-else-end if) is now fixed.

Corrected: If more than one label had the same name case sensitive e.g 'Foo' and 'foo' an internal exception was occurring.

Corrected: While on the Schedule Properties window, after clicking on the "Add Date" option, clicking OK while leaving the date field empty was generating an “Oops” exception.

Corrected: “Run PowerShell” action was hanging after its completion on certain machines, not moving forward to the next action.

Improved: "If Window" action when the window is set to "is open". If Window is not found the correct value is returned.

Corrected: Fixed password encryption Process issue.

Corrected: "Connecting to Server..." state upon installation fixed. The connection to the Server is totally restored upon installation.

Corrected: "Schedule Type: Monthly" option "Last day of Month" or "Last Working Day of Month" selected, was showing nothing in the "Next Scheduled Run" field.

Corrected:  In the time stored in the scheduler, the 12hour format was always used regardless of the user's date pre-set format.

Improved: Process Error Messages: The name of the action is now mentioned in the error message displayed in the notifier and also in the log-entry

Improved: WinAutomation Processes when they run through the MachineAgent, are now getting launched using the credentials of the user that owns the Process

Improved: UserAgent, MachineAgent, Console: Fixed a long-standing issue which was causing memory consumption of these processes to increase considerably every time a Process with Web or UI Automation Actions would run

Improved: Processes crashing, are no longer crashing the whole WinAutomation Console

Improved: The Properties Dialogs of the UI Automation Actions, is no longer becoming too large when the title of the targeted Window is too lengthy

Corrected: UI Selectors: contains word "~=" match method was not working if the word is at the beginning or the end of value

Corrected: Process Error Handling Settings: If a Process gets auto-terminated due to having reached the MaxRunningTime threshold (specified in its Process-Properties), the error-handling settings (either global or process-specific) were not activated

Corrected: UI Elements in the QuickLaunchBar of the Windows Taskbar should now appear as such

Corrected: Boolean expressions such as %NewVar > 10% are now evaluating to BooleanVariants as intended again

Improved: XML Variant Visualizer: Make the visualizer resizable

Improved: Data Table Variant Visualizer is now resizable

Improved: TextVariant Visualizer is now Resizable

Improved: Data Table/Row Visualizers: Columns are now resizable and also appear with best-fit pre-applied right when the visualizer is first-shown each time

Improved: Console Options Page: Check for the authentication password supplied by the user and if it is not valid then display a warning icon

Improved: When using the "Error Handling" option to send an email in case the Processes fails the body now also contains the error info

Improved: Invoke Web Service: Use advanced editor for the multiline-textboxes

Improved: When adding a control to Control Repository make UISpy an optional step

Improved: Improve Autogenerated Selectors while using "Add Control" to the repository

Corrected: Add "contains" operator in Visual Selector Builder

Improved: SecureScreen: added support for multiple screens

Improved: WinAutomation Server Module: Startup time optimized

Improved: Eliminate unnecessary attributes being retrieved in UISpy

Corrected: Options-Page v6 Autostart Setting: Even if the corresponding checkbox was unchecked the User-Agent still auto-started on user-login

Corrected: UISpy: when trying to select a menu item the menu closed when ctrl was pressed

Corrected: In "Wait for Window Content" action when the value in the "Fail on timeout" field is too large an unhandled exception was risen

Corrected: Data Row/Table Variants Visualizers: Unhandled Exception error fixed

Corrected: WinAutomationController: Command Line Arguments were not getting passed on to Processes as they ought to

Corrected: In "Start Process" Action if "Wait Process to Complete" is set the caller Process would not wait more than 3 minutes

Corrected: Read From Excel Action: When the action is set to use the first row for setting column names, then the resulting column names were not named as intended if 3 or more column-names have the same name

Corrected: "Get Environment Variable": failed to retrieve some of the environment variables

Corrected: "Input Dialog Message" field in "Display Input Dialog" action was not stored correctly

General New Features

New modern interface: New design Interface for the Console and the Process Designer with new icons. The Process Designer has now configurable panes for Variables, Errors, Control Repository, Functions and Actions. You can customize the layout as you wish by hiding or making visible different panes. Also the Console is changed and equipped with a ribbon bar containing tabs for Processes, Triggers, Scheduler, Logs and Options.

Autologin (Pro Edition Only): A Process can unlock/login to a workstation upon its running time when initiated by a trigger of a scheduler. This is a very helpful feature especially when interactive Processes should have a user logged in, while running unattended.

Status Monitor: A new Status Monitor Window is introduced which lists all the running Processes and the Processes that are put in the queue, waiting to start. Even more information, than just the running Processes' name is provided, like the Instance id, the Start time and the Cause of execution (manual or triggered). An option to stop all running Processes is also available.

Improved Performance-UIAutomation v3.0: Using the new UIAutomation v3.0 makes the UI/Windows more efficient and improves the overall performance making the actions more powerful, while more elements in desktop applications are now visible and accessible with WinAutomation.

Secure Screen (Pro Edition Only): Enhanced Security for Processes that are scheduled to run unattended in order to run without the user being able to see the screen. This option will turn the screen blue while the Process is running. The only visible window will be the Notification Window.

Password Protected Processes (Pro Edition Only): Option to set a password for a Process and protect your sensitive data. Once setting a password, the user will be able to run the Process normally, however for editing it they will be prompted to enter the password.

Maximum Running Time (Pro Edition Only): Setting a maximum running time for a Process to avoid situations where it is not executed as intended.

Concurrency Policy and Queuing (Pro Edition Only): You now have the ability to limit the number of Process instances than can run concurrently. Also, there is a new option for queueing or discarding Processes once the set limit of instances is reached.

Triggers can be enabled/disabled independently: For Processes with more than one triggers attached, there is now the option to enable/disable a specific trigger, instead of removing it.

View logs for specific Processes: Improved Logs viewer that can display logs for more than one Processes.

Machine does not enter in idle state when a Process is running: A running Process is considered a user activity postponing the screen saver timeout or AutoLogout.

Improved command-line control: WinAutomationController for ListRunning returns more information; when running multiple instances or a Process ALL the instances will be listed.

Process Designer

Search for actions: Enhanced "Search for Actions" in the Actions pane of the Process Designer where the user can search by keyword, action name or action initials.

Variables pane: A dedicated pane for the Processes Variables where you can view the variables’ values, search, pin, sort or rearrange the variables.

Pause Process: A new option in the Process Designer to pause the execution of the Process while running. Very useful especially when one wants to review some variables' values at the pause point.

Variables Viewer: By double clicking on a variable in the Variables pane while the Process is being executed step by step, or stopped at a breakpoint or paused, the user has the option to view the details of a variable in the variable window and also edit its value. The variable viewer window will depend on the variable's data type.

Rename Variables: An helpful new option to massively rename variables, either within a specific function or in the whole Process. For very big Processes with many functions renaming a variable used to be a difficult and time consuming task. Not anymore.

Variables Live Editor: New option to change a variable's value dynamically while the Processes is being executed from the Process Designer, after pausing it or executing it step by step.

Control Repository: A repository that will hold all the controls (Windows, Browsers, Buttons, Elements, etc...) that the Process will access through its different actions. The user also has the ability to modify any control, its selectors by using variables, its name, remove existing, add new and keep them all neat.

UI Spy: Ability to preview the UI or Web Control’s tree and attributes in the WinAutomation UISpy window while accessing it and before adding it to your Control Repository. This gives an overview of the control’s information, as well its location within the application (web or desktop).

Resizable action properties: "Write text to file", "Execute SQL statement", "Run JavaScript", "Run VBScript", "Run PowerShell Script", "Send Email", "Write XML to File" Actions Properties window are now resizable for readability purposes.

Actions advanced editor: "Execute SQL statement", "Run JavaScript", "Run VBScript", "Run PowerShell Script" Actions now include advanced Text editor which enables syntax highlighting.


XML Actions: Introducing the XML group of actions to manipulate XML files, apply XPath queries on them, retrieve or set attributes or elements values.

Environment Variables Actions: Introducing OS Environment variables actions that can set, get or delete an Environment variable. They can be used to store or retrieve global data, reachable from multiple Processes simultaneously.

"Read from CSV File" and "Export to CSV File" Actions: The new "Read CSV File" and "Export to CSV File" action allow direct read from a csv file storing data into a data table type variable and direct export a table variable to a CSV file.

"Attach to running Excel" Action: New action for automating an already opened Excel spreadsheet, without having to launch it through the Process. A Process attach to an open Excel document by its name or full path, store its instance into a variable and apply further Excel actions on to it.

"Escape Text for Regular Expression" Action: This action will escape a minimal set of characters by replacing them with their escape codes of an existing test.

"Merge Lists" Action: A new action that will merge two lists into one, appending the items of the second list after the first one. The two the initial will remain unmodified.

"Hover Mouse over Element on Web Page" Action: There are cases in web pages where elements/menus appear, or buttons get enabled, only after the mouse is over them. This new action will cope with situations as such.

"Run PowerShell Script" Action: This action allows for PowerShell scripts to run directly through the Process and store their output to a variable for further use.

Move mouse to image: When sending the mouse to an image, there is an option for the Process to wait before sending the mouse click.

Improved: "Use Desktop" action: A new option has been added in the advanced settings of the action so that users can specify if left-clicking on an app's icon on the taskbar should cause a new instance of the application to be launched

Improved: "Extract Data From Web Page" action & "Get Details of Element on Web Page" action: The text-extraction mechanism has been fortified to handle certain corner-case scenarios more elegantly, which should result in more accurate text being produced

Improved: Web Automation actions: Users now have the ability to suppress a broader range of errors that might occur while these actions are being executed. More specifically javascript errors should no longer cause the actions to terminate the Process if/when the user has put exception-suppression in place, say, in actions like Extract Data From Web Page

Improved: Custom Dialog: The help-entry for the action has been enriched to mention which flags are supported by the datepicker control

Corrected: "Retrieve Emails" action: The internal email-handling mechanism has been improved to detect the main-content of an email. This should address an issue in certain kinds of emails where the .BodyText property of the EmailInstanceVariant was not reporting the text of the main-content of the underlying emails correctly

Corrected: "Retrieve Emails", "Download From Web", "Take Screenshot of Web Page": These actions should now be able to handle saving to files using filenames more than 230 characters long. Such filenames get automatically clipped to 230 characters so as to work along the limitations imposed by the underlying filesystem

Corrected: Console: Exporting a Process with a name longer than 230 characters should now be working as intended. The name of the resulting .waj file is set to the first 230 characters of the Process being exported

Corrected: Console: Moving a folder into another folder which contains a sub-folder with the same name as the one being moved should now be working as intended

Corrected: "Wait for Window" action: Fixed an issue which was causing the action to fail with an error message when set to wait for an excel application to reach a certain window-state

Corrected: "Press Button in Window" action: The exception-handling for this action should now be working as intended when the button is not found when the action gets executed

Corrected: All Window-Manipulation actions: Fixed an issue which was causing these actions to hang indefinitely -especially under Windows10- regardless of which window they were instructed to target

Corrected: "Get Window" action: Fixed a bug which was causing the wrong window to be picked in certain corner cases

Corrected: "Get Window" action: Fixed a bug which was causing the action to fail in finding the window of the 'Edge' browser under Windows10

Corrected: "Use Desktop" action: The helper of the action should now be able to select the start button in the taskbar of Windows10

Corrected: Web Automation Helpers & Web Recorder: Fixed an issue affecting certain websites, which was preventing the options-menu to pop-up when the 'appskey' would be pressed on the keyboard

Corrected: Web Automation Helpers & Web Recorder: Fixed a bug which was causing these components to get clogged when attempting to select specific elements in the product-results of Ebay

Corrected: Web Automation Helpers & Web Recorder: Fixed an issue which was causing highlighters to disappear permanently unless the webpage was scrolled up or down

Corrected: "Extract Data From Web Page" action: Fixed a bug which was preventing the action from successfully navigating from one page of results to the next when the next-page element would be based on <img>;

Corrected: "Extract Data From Web Page" action & "Get Details of Element on Web Page" action: The text-extraction mechanism has been fortified to handle certain corner-case scenarios more elegantly, which should result in more accurate text being produced

Corrected: Web Automation actions: Manually setting the selector of any web automation action to a custom selector which contains nested selectors ala div:has(> a:contains('foo'), > a:contains('bar')) should no longer be causing the action to error out when executed

Corrected: "Rename File" action: Fixed a bug by which, when the action was set to overwrite-mode, the original file was getting deleted if/when the eventual filename specified was the same as the original file name, only different casing-wise. (The action used to simply throw a cryptic error.)

Improved: “Web Automation” actions: RunScript exceptions can now be handled through the exception handling mechanism

Improved: Numeric Variants: Numbers are now always getting parsed using US formatting conventions, that is comma ',' for separating thousands and the dot '.' for separating the decimal component (old behaviour was to use the regional settings of the host machine)

Improved: “Populate Text Field on Web Page” action: Optimized to be faster when the 'emulate typing' option is checked

Improved: “Open Secure FTP Connection” action: Upon setting 'SFTP' as the type of the connection, the 'Active Mode' checkbox should now be getting hidden as intended, since it's not applicable to 'SFTP'

Corrected: “Read from Excel” action: The action should no longer throw an exception when attempting to read the value of a cell containing a number written in scientific notation like 602E23

Corrected: “Open FTP Connection” action: Now has 'Passive' as its default mode (used to be 'Active')

Corrected: “Custom Dialog” action: Fixed an issue which was causing the delete key to not be handled properly by 'Multiline Textbox' controls

Corrected: “Run VBScript” action: Printing non-ASCII characters -such as the pound sign (£)- to standard output/error streams should no longer cause the output variants of the action to contain garbled text

Corrected: “Invoke FTP Command” action: Should no longer be failing when/if the “acceptable return codes” list is left empty

Corrected: “Move Mouse” action: Should now be working as intended when set to move the mouse instantly in relation to the active window

Corrected: Compiled .exe Processes: Custom dialog was falsely not present on the taskbar after getting minimized for the first time. It should now be visible as intended

Corrected: Fixed an issue affecting certain websites, which was causing the Web Automation actions and the Web Helpers to not work as intended

Improved: Macro Recorder. Filling forms by typing into textboxes and pressing tab in between is now resulting in alternating distinct Populate Text Field / Send Key {Tab} activities

Improved: The “Populate Text Field in Web Page” action now can optionally de-focus the populated element as in some web pages this is required for the new element value to be accepted

Improved: UI selectors, introduce the :disabled, :visible and :enabled Selectors and also the :password selector which will target elements with the password attribute set

Improved: The CSS Theming textbox in Display Custom Dialog Action Properties UI, now accepts Tab and Enter keystrokes

Improved: Macro Recorder’s better handling of Arrow Up/Down keystrokes when sent to spinner controls

Improved: “Extract Data from Window” action. When getting the file names from a File Explorer window, file titles are now extracted correctly

Improved: Caching mechanism implemented in Macro Recorder and UI Automation Helpers so that subsequent clicks to the same elements are sped up

Improved: In UI Automation the :is pseudo-selector is introduced ad works like it's counterpart :not selector

Improved: Macro Recorder. The “Get Window” activities that get deleted by hand do also take down with them those “Send Keys” actions that target the affected window

Improved: Better logging support for File Monitor Trigger

Improved: The “Create New Folder” action allows the creation of a folder given its full path/name instead of entering the parent folder and the new folder name

Improved: “Get Details of Element on Web Page”, “Extract Data from Web Page” the text extraction mechanism now removes invisible zero width characters (e.g. control characters) from the extracted text

Improved: Better generated description for “Press button in Window” action

Improved: “Click Element in Window Action”, “Get details of element in Window” actions. When the element of a File Explorer window is out view, the action scrolls the view to scan the data-grid and find the element

Improved: Macro Recorder is now creating more efficient UI selectors for element of the File Explorer window

Improved: Macro Recorder now records the entire trajectory of the mouse when in coordinates mode and one of the mouse buttons is pressed

Corrected: Installation errors on Windows Servers & XP fixed

Corrected: “Invoke FTP” action, correction in the second-line description

Corrected: Visibility and positioning issues resolved for web content when displayed in Web Helpers

Corrected: Mathematic calculations within expression that provided false results, due to regional settings, have now been corrected

Corrected: “Wait for hotkey” action timeout would sometime result in a runtime error

Corrected: Custom dialog, now takes into account the enter/escape buttons

Corrected: Better second-line description for the “Create Folder” action

Corrected: The “:eq()” Operator now selects the correct window, when two or more windows are of the same class/title

Corrected: Consistency of “Close Internet Explorer” action.  There were incidents where the targeted browser stayed open despite this action

Corrected: UI Automation. Better detection of scroll up/down buttons of the Windows 7 File Explorer window

Corrected: “Go To Web Page” and “Click Link on Web Page” actions,  now have  better mechanism for detecting whether a web page has fully loaded or not

Corrected: Move mouse animation relative to the foreground window, honors the actual delays of the animation

Corrected: Macro Recorder now resumes recording activities, after the user attempts to close the dialog, but presses Cancel in the confirmation dialog that pops up

Corrected: UI/Automation. Better handling of spinner controls

Corrected: Web Automation, unhandled exceptions have been addressed on certain web pages and web page elements

Corrected: Macro Recorder, switch keyboard layout activity is now captured correctly

Corrected: Custom Dialog. When set to be initially maximized the Custom Dialog scrollbar is more accurate to the window limits

Corrected: Web Automation, better waiting mechanism to wait for all frames of a web page to be loaded completely

Corrected: Macro Recorder now captures accurately CTRL+Letter key combinations

Corrected: Better generated error messages in Custom dialog

Corrected: WinAutomation can now convert text representing numbers written in exotic formats (such as Scientific Notation) to the proper Numeric Variants

Corrected: Output of “Subtract Lists” action. The result list is of the same type, as the original ones

Corrected: Custom Dialog Designer. Pasting text into a control now works correctly for every type of control

Corrected: Custom Dialog size from compiled exe is shown as specified

Corrected: Macro Recorder is now generating the correct action when accessing windows preview in the task bar

Corrected: Select Menu option is now generated when clicking on the menu options of the System Tray Icons

Improved: in "Display Custom Dialog" action an option has been added for a password text control to be required, i.e. to be mandatory for the user to enter e value

Improved: The Macro Recorder now generated better and more reliable selectors for UI Elements

Improved: The exit codes of the WinAutomationController have been rearranged to report all possible exceptions

Improved: A hotkey for resuming the execution of a Process stopped by a breakpoint has been introduced

Improved: The Macro Recorder now operates as an independent process resulting in a more stable application execution

Corrected: The File Monitor Trigger permanently stopped watching a remote folder if the connection to the folder was temporary unavailable

Corrected: In Web Automation, some web pages failed to be automated in v5 although they worked fine in previous versions

Corrected: The "Click Link on Web Page" action failed for some links that contained Javascript

Major New Features

Functions: a Process can be now broken down into smaller parts (or functions) that can be called by any other part of the Process. This leads to a more modular design where different segments of a Process can be used over and over from different points. It is also possible to jump to a function for handling an exception.

UI Automation: WinAutomation is now capable of distinguishing among the different controls within a window. A large set of actions has been added under the “UI/Windows” category for directly manipulating Windows Applications and their controls, as well as extracting data from them.

Macro Recorder: The Macro Recorder leverages the “UI Automation” technology described above and now has a “Smart Recording” mode enabled by default. In this mode the recorder records the interactions of the user with the various controls of an application instead of just recording mouse coordinates. Of course, the simpler mode of recording coordinates is still available for use when appropriate.

Live Helpers:  In all Web Automation actions the user can now select a web page element by clicking on any open Internet Explorer window. Respectively, for UI Automation actions the user can specify a Windows control by clicking on the target application.

Custom GUI: The new “Display Custom Dialog” action includes a Form Designer tool that allows the user to design and present custom dialogs with all kinds of controls in them.

New Actions

“Use Desktop” action to perform taskbar related operations

“Get Window” action to retrieve a specific window or the foreground window (also replaces the “Get Foreground Window” action)

“Select Tab in Window” action to activate a tab in a tab group

“Click Element in Window” action to click on a specific control in a window

“Select Menu Option in Window” action to select a menu item in a window’s menu bar

“Drag and Drop Element in Window” action to perform a drag and drop operation within a window or from one window to another

“Expand/Collapse Tree Node in Window” action to expand/collapse nodes in a tree control

“Focus Text Field in Window” action to move the input focus to a specific textbox

“Populate Text Field in Window” action to set the text of a specific textbox in a window

“Press Button in Window” action to click on a button control in a window

“Select Radio Button in Window” action to select a radio button in a button group

“Set Checkbox State in Window” action to check or uncheck a checkbox in a window

“Set DropDown List Value in Window” action to select a value in a dropdown list (aka combobox)

“Get Details of Window” action to get the value of properties of a specific window (or its text)

“Get Details of Element in Window” action to get the properties of a specific control in a window

“Get Selected Checkboxes in Window” action to retrieve the state of a checkbox or the names of the selected checkboxes in a group

“Get Selected Radiobutton in Window” action to retrieve the state of a radiobutton or the name of the selected radiobutton in a group

“Extract Data from Window” action to retrieve the text of a window or a specific control in the form of a single value, a list or a table

“Run Javascript” action to execute some custom Javascript code and retrieve its output into a variable

“Get Default Printer Name” action to get the name of the printer that is currently set as default

“Show Desktop” action to minimize all windows

“Display Custom Dialog” action to design a custom dialog for requesting or presenting data to the end user

Improved Actions

In “Wait for Hotkey” action a new option allows for setting a maximum time to wait for

In “Read Text from File” action it is now possible to specify the encoding of the file to be read

In “Write Text to File” action two new encodings (Unicode without BOM and UTF-8 without BOM) have been added

In “Send Keys” action the Period and the Comma have been added in the Special Keys menu

In “Send Email” action variables are now accepted for SMTP Server properties

In “Replace Text” action an option is added to enable the interpretation of escape sequences like '\t', '\xA0', '\u' as actual characters

In “Add to DateTime” action it is now possible to add/subtract months or years to/from a date time value

Plus numerous performance improvements, various bug fixes (mostly obscure ones) and minor improvements

Improved: Performance improvement when selecting an option from a SELECT element in a web page, through the "Set Drop Down List Value on a Web Page" action

Improved: When WinAutomation fails to open a Process because it has been created with a newer version of the application, a descriptive message is displayed

Corrected: The "emulate typing" checkbox in the "Populate Text Field on Web Page" action properties dialog defaulted to true every time a new textbox was selected using the Web Helper

Corrected: CSS Selectors in Web Automation actions that included a comma within the :contains selector where not interpreted correctly

Corrected: The WinAutomation installation process now makes sure that the service is up before any other process is launched. Additionally it refuses to proceed if the WinAutomation Console of the previously installed version is still running

Improved: The error message produced by the "Wait for Web Page" action when a timeout occurred has been changed to a more descriptive one

Corrected: The "Invoke Web Service" action failed to transmit the cookies correctly when specified in the Custom Headers property

Corrected: The highlighter of the Web Helper window of every Web Automation action failed to locate the correct element when the user manually inserted the * selector in the "CSS Selector" property of the action

Corrected: The "Take Screenshot of Element on Web Page" action failed to capture the correct picture when the element is at the bottom of a web page and the vertical scrollbar is part of a nested frame instead of a the top most document

Corrected: "Focus Text Field" action does not work properly for non focusable-elements such CAPTCHA images that lie at the bottom of a web page and the one of the scrollbars is part of a nested frame/div while the other scrollbar is part of the top most document

Improved: When using a WebBrowser Instance or Excel Instance type variable without having been initialized a null reference exception occurred. This is now replaced by a descriptive error message

Improved: Any Web Automation action not set to wait for the web page to load, does not impose a 3 seconds delay any more before moving the the next action, resulting to a faster Process execution

Corrected: By manually selecting a collapsed region in the Process Designer using the keyboard, only the "Start Region" action was selected, instead of the whole region

Corrected: In the "Search Action" textbox of the Process Designer the Select, Copy, Cut and Paste hotkeys (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V) affected the Process's actions and not the search textbox

Improved: A Process created by a newer edition of WinAutomation that the one installed is now prohibited from running and being edited by the older edition

Corrected: Memory leak occurred in some rare cases when an exception occurred while opening a Process

Corrected: When opening a Process that contained external actions from an addon that was not installed, the mouse pointer remained hourglass instead or reverting to default style

Modified: The Cut/Copy/Paste menu items are now removed from the File Menu of the Console

Improved: Error message for opening a Process containing unknown/missing actions changed to a more descriptive one

Corrected: While uploading files to some SFTP servers through the "Upload Files to to FTP" action, the action attempted to change the permissions of the uploaded files, sometimes resulting to the abortion of the operation

Corrected: Text file attachments downloaded by the "Retrieve Emails" action became corrupted if the file used a non-ASCII encoding

Improved: Memory footprint of the "Retrieve Emails" action has been significantly reduced for large emails download

Corrected: Actions related to windows manipulation matched a random window if only the window class was provided to the action and the title was empty (instead of matching a window with an empty title)

Corrected: When the user selected the "Exit WinAutomation" menu item in the WinAutomation agent context menu and then clicked cancel in the confirmation dialog the service stopped nonetheless

Improved: A more descriptive error message is now displayed by the "FTP Upload Folder" action when attempting to upload a folder that already exists on the server

Corrected: In Image Recognition based actions, specifying a zero-size subregion to search in for the desired image resulted in an error

Corrected: when the foreground window is momentarily unavailable, the error is suppressed and the operation is repeated

Corrected: the "Invoke FTP Command" action failed in some cases when sending a command to an SFTP server

Corrected: forcing the Process Designer to close while a Process was running in debug mode sometimes caused the WinAutomation Console to crash

Corrected: FtpFile/FolderVariants that start with Double Forward Slashes, cause errors when attempting to retrieve the base directory of the path via the .Directory property

Corrected: the "Move Mouse" action, if the  "Relative To Current Mouse Position" property and an animation scheme is selected, moved the mouse to double the amount of the offset needed

Improved: communication mechanism between the WinAutomation agent and the Notification window has been improved for the latter not to introduce a performance bottleneck in tight loops

Corrected: In some websites using yahoo libraries certain div elements get mistaken for rich text editors resulting in erroneous extraction of their content by the "Extract data from Web Page" action

Improved: The save button and the insert new region button in the Process Designer are now disabled while a Process is being run from within the Process Designer

Improved: In some cases the macro recorder failed to record a modifier key due to a delay in the process of intercepting its state

Modified: The text "Choose your weapon" in the Create New Process dialog has been changed to "Choose a tool"

Corrected: Web Recorder and Web Helper for Data Extraction: When a header of an html table that's has been selected for extraction contains a % sign it is now automatically escaped so as to avoid phantom errors about missing variables

Corrected: when multiple users were accessing the same WinAutomation service instance through terminal services sometimes the notifications were routed to the wrong user

Improved: Support added for new IE10

Improved: The variable generated by the "Launch New Internet Explorer" action which holds the web browser instance, now has a .Handle property that returns the handle of the browser's window. The value can be passed to Window-related actions (move, resize, focus window etc) which accept a window handle as input

Corrected: The "Open Secure FTP Connection" action failed to establish connection with certain FTP servers

Corrected: The web element selection engine can now handle the rare cases where the browser returns an empty value instead of the tag of an element

Improved: The "Extract Data From Web" action now identifies the pager element ("Next Page") even in more complex configurations

Corrected: "Take Screenshot" action did not perform as intended in some cases

Modified: Windows related actions do not display the window picker icon in their property dialogs when they are set to matching a window by its handle

Corrected: All WinAutomation windows when restored from a minimized state, now make sure that they are displayed in a visible portion of the screen

Improved: The "Set Drop Down List Value on Web Page" action can now select options even when their values is an empty text

Corrected: The "Download Folder from FTP" action, now does not modify the working directory

Corrected: The utility that retrieves the email folders in the "Retrieve Emails" and Process Emails" actions as well as in the Email Trigger would freeze the UI for a while if wrong settings have been entered in the IMAP account section

Modified: The "Parse Text" action now throws an exception if the regex provided is invalid

Corrected: The "Display Notification" action now always outputs its message to the command prompt console when the Process is compiled as a console application (even when the "Display Notifications" option in the Compiler dialog is unchecked)

Corrected: Exception thrown by FTP actions when used through a secure FTP connection, now have more descriptive messages

Corrected: When a Process with triggers attached was copied, the triggers of the newly copied Process were not functioning until the WinAutomation service was restarted

Corrected: The highlighter of the Web Helper sometimes was displayed off-position when highlighting an element within a frame

Corrected: Rich Text Editors, in some cases were difficult to select using the Web Helper

Corrected: The "Extract Data from Web Page" action now extracts the data from the first page only, when a negative value is provided to be the number of pages to extract data from

Improved: The "Set Drop Down List Value on Web Page" action now accepts a list variable when more than one values need to be selected

Improved: The extraction of the inner text of a Web Page element now removes any additional info injected into the page by the Skype plugin

Improved: The "Focus Web Element" action now scrolls the web page to bring the focused element into view

Corrected: The "Extract Data from Web Page" action when instructed to extract all the options of a drop down web element, it returned only the selected options

Improved: The "Click download Link on Web Page" action is now able to handle download dialogs that are already open, when the CSS selector property is empty

Improved: There is now a way to execute arbitrary javascript code on the automation browser

Modified: Windows Related action now throw an exception if both window name and window class are not set

Corrected: In some extreme cases the "Retrieve Emails" action failed to parse the email's body

Corrected: "Download from Web" and "Invoke Web Service" actions fail for urls which contain double quotes, or specify a port and are not explicitly preceded by http or https

Corrected: When the "Send Keys" action was instructed to type a number preceded by zeros the zeros were trimmed upon closing the properties dialog of the action

Corrected: The "Synchronize FTP Directory" action sometimes fails if the working directory was not explicitly set by a "Change Working Directory" action

Corrected: In the "Invoke Web Service" action the "Connection Timeout" property ignored the value set by the user and always defaulted to 30 seconds

Modified: The properties dialog of the Schedule Trigger cannot be dismissed any more if no dates are specified

Corrected: in some cases a Schedule Trigger fired a couple of minutes before the scheduled time resulting to a double execution of the Process

Corrected: A Schedule Trigger with the "Skip Process" option checked did not skip the Process in question when the machine is resuming from hybernation/suspension state

Corrected: Execution of a WMIC command through the "Run DOS Command" action failed when ran in Windows XP

Corrected: The "Take Screenshot of Web Page" action produced images with black areas when invoked through the Web Automation Browser and the scrollbars did not appear properly

Corrected: The "Take Screenshot of Web Page" action produced inaccurate screenshots for elements residing within iframes or when zooming is applied

Corrected: The exception handling portion of the "Take Screenshot of Web Page" action, when executed fired the wrong exception

Corrected: The extraction of the inner text of a page or an element returned inaccurate result when encountered HTML tags with attributes that had non-ascii characters and/or digits or when an element contained exotic characters that were rendered as whitespace

Corrected: The extraction of the inner text of a page now takes into account the value property for buttons and text boxes

Improved: Actions that extract data from a web page or a web element can now retrieve the inner HTML, the outer HTML and the new HTML5 data-related attributes of an element

Modified: The "Extract Data from Web Page" action now treats a a hidden element as non-existent, Meaning that the "exists" attribute will return "FALSE" for an element that exists in the page, but is hidden

Improved: The "Extract Data from Web Page" action in order to identify which element of the page acts as a pager, now is able to utilize information from parent elements of the pager for more accurate results

Improved: The Web Helper window for the "Extract Data from Web Page" action now performs much faster when a large number of table cells need to be highlighted

Corrected: The Web Helper window for the "Extract Data from Web Page" action failed to highlight the selected pager element if this element was placed within an iframe

Corrected: The Web Helper window for the "Extract Data from Web Page" action highlighted all elements matching the specified CSS selector, even when in "Single Value" mode

Corrected: The Data Extraction Preview in the Web Helper window for the "Extract Data from Web Page" action did not take into account any regular expressions specified in the settings for generating the preview

Corrected: The "Extract Data from Web Page" action did not apply any regular expressions specified when extracting element values in "Single Value" or in "List" mode

Corrected: The "Extract Data from Web Page" action and the "Get Detail of Element on Web Page" action failed to retrieve the STYLE attribute of an HTML element

Improved: The "Single Instance" option is now available as an option in the Compiler Properties Dialog when the application type is "Command Line Application". Moreover, it is unchecked by default

Improved: Processes compiled with the "Single Instance" option set, now return an exit code of -1 when the user attempts to run them while another instance of the same executable is already running

Corrected: In Windows XP the "Generate Exe" dialog produces an irrelevant warning message when the Compile button is pressed

Corrected: Compiled Processes did not report their version number when inquired through WMI in Windows XP

Corrected: Compiling Processes to executables failed if the Company Name or the Copyright Notices contained double quotes or trailing backspaces

Improved: Processes compiled as "Windows Application" now display the EXE file name as the title of the form displayed when running the compiled Process

Corrected: The notifications popup windows displayed by compiled Processes were not positioned correctly when the message to be displayed was too long

Corrected: The "Populate Text Field on Web Page" action didn't respect the MaxLength and Enabled attributes of the target INPUT element when "Emulate Typing" setting was unchecked

Corrected: The "Populate Text Field on Web Page" action, when handling File Upload Inputs, always waited for the web page to complete loading even when the respective option was unchecked

Corrected: The "Populate Text Field on Web Page" action failed when instructed to set the text in a Rich Text editor and the value to be written contained one or more double quotes

Improved: The "Populate Text Field on Web Page" action can now set the value of hidden fields

Improved: The "Populate Text Field on Web Page" action now supports INPUT elements with TYPE=COLOR

Corrected: "Wait for Web Page Content" action threw an error when set to wait for an element located within a frame

Corrected: Attaching to the foreground Internet Explorer window through the "Launch new Internet Explorer" action did not wait for the browser to complete loading the current web page

Corrected: All web automation actions that makes sense only in the context of HTML pages now throw an exception when they are used on an Internet Explorer instance that holds a non-HTML document (such as an image or a PDF document)

Corrected: The "Go to Web Page" action threw an exception when instructed to navigate to a non-HTML document and the "Wait for Page to Load" option was checked

Corrected: The "Get Details of Web Page" action failed to return the correct when the assigned browser instance displayed a non-HTML document

Corrected: The "Retrieve Emails" action failed to save any attachment if the ContentType was set to text/plain

Improved: The "Retrieve Emails" and "Process Emails" action properties dialogs do not attempt to retrieve the list of email folders when the mail account username or password is given as a variable

Modified: In the "Comment" action properties dialog the comments text box now has the default focus

Improved: The "Variables Manager" dialog closes when the Esc key is pressed

Corrected: The "Open FTP Connection" and "Open Secure FTP Connection" actions failed to execute when no password was provided

Corrected: When a web page produced a Javascript error the error message was not suppressed preventing the normal execution of the Process

Corrected: "Set Checkbox State on Web Page" action changed the checkbox state twice effectively resulting in no change

Corrected: When retrieving the text of a web page the values of web form fields are included in the resulting text

Web Automation actions now work in web pages that contain frames/iframes

Corrected: "Run VBScript" action failed in Windows XP and in later Windows versions when the name of the logged in user contained spaces

Corrected: "Wait for Web Page Content" and "If Web Page Contains" actions in some cases failed to return the correct value if the text to wait for was hidden

A link to the generated file has been added in the message box displayed upon successful compilation of a Process

Improved: Performance for "Extract Data from Web Page" action

Corrected: "Invoke Web Service" action did not handle correctly some custom headers

After importing a .waj file the newly imported Process becomes selected in the WinAutomation Console

After creating a new folder in the WinAutomation console, this folder becomes selected

Corrected: In the "Wait for Image" action if set to wait indefinitely and search within a subregion the action failed to find the image on the screen

In the Error Handling tab of both the Options and Process Properties dialogs the "Process to Run" was not visible if the path to the Process was to long

Corrected: When a Process is compiled as "Command-Line Application" the "Display Popup on Error" setting now has no effect

If a Process compiled as "Command Line Application" fails to run, the executable's name is now included in the error message

Corrected: The "Open Secure FTP Connection" action failed to connect properly for some SSH versions

The dropdown list displayed by the "Select From List Dialog" action has become taller in order to display more list items

Breakpoints on disabled actions are now rendered in gray

Actions' properties dialogs now open centered to the Process designer window and within the screen boundaries

New Actions

"Log Message" action to log a custom message into the WinAutomation Event Log

"Wait for HotKey" action to pause the Process execution until the user presses a specified hotkey

"Run VBScript" action to execute some custom VBScript code and retrieve its output into a variable

"Retrieve Emails" action that retrieves emails and attachments from an IMAP server based on specified criteria

"Process Emails" action that moves emails into a mailbox folder, deletes them from the server or marks them as unread

"Clear List" action removes all the items of a list

"Reverse List" action that reverses the order of the items of a list

"Truncate Number" action that truncates a number or rounds it up to the closest integer value

"Invoke Web Service" action that sends an HTTP request and retrieves its response allowing the user to specify all the low-level details, such as custom headers of the request body

"Else If" action to allow more complex conditional structures

"Launch New Internet Explorer" action to open a browser for Web Automation or attach to an already running browser window

"Go to Web Page" action, to navigate the browser to a web page, refresh it and move back or forward

"Click Link on Web Page" action to send a mouse click on a link or to any other web page element

"Click Download Link on Web Page" action to click on a link that results in a file download

"Close Internet Explorer" action to close an IE window opened by the "Launch New Internet Explorer" action for Web Automation

"Focus Text Field on Web Page" action to move the input focus to a text box of a Web Page

"Populate Text Field on Web Page" action to type a value into a web form field

"Set Checkbox State on Web Page" action to check or uncheck a checkbox in a web form

"Select Radio Button on Web Page" action to select a radio button in a web form

"Set Dropdown List Value on Web Page" action to select one or more options for a dropdown list in a web form

"Press Button on Web Page" action to press a button and submit a web form

"Extract Data from Web Page" action to retrieve different chunks of data from a web page in the form of single values, lists or tables

"Get Details of Web Page" action to retrieve info related to the web page such as its title, its metadata, etc

"Get Details of Element on Web Page" action to retrieve an attribute value for a specific HTML element of the page

"Take Screenshot of Web Page" action to capture the image of an entire web page or of a specific web page element

"If Web Page Contains" action to check whether some text or element exist in a web page or not

"Wait for Web Page Content" action to pause the execution of a Process until a specific text or element appears or disappears on the Web Page

Updated Actions

In "Write Text to File" action the user now has the choice whether a newline will be appended or not after the text

In "Run Application" the action can be set to wait up to one hour for the application to load or complete

In "Download from Web" action a timeout property has been added

The "Open Secure FTP Connection" action now supports authentication using a private key, or a private key plus a passphrase

In "Display Select from List" dialog, when multiple selection is allowed, the user can set some options of the list to appear preselected

In "Move Mouse" and "Move Mouse to Image" actions there is an additional option to specify whether the mouse should jump or move smoothly to the new position

In the "If" action the "Is Not Empty" operator has been added

In the "If" action the "Is Empty" and "Is Not Empty" operators have now a different meaning if the operand is a list (contains/does not contain any items), a datatable (contains/does not contain any rows), a folder (contains/does not contain any files) or a file (whether it is an empty file or not)

Window-related actions now handle correctly window titles than contain non-English characters

The "Comment" action now supports different background colors and cannot be disabled

In "If Image", "Wait for Image" and "Move mouse to image" actions property dialogs the captured images are displayed over a colored background for their boundaries to become visible

The "Download From Web" action is moved under the category "Web Automation/Direct Access"

In the "Run Process" action if no action to run is specified, an error is displayed in the editor, instead of when the Process runs

Process Designer

Web Recorder, to record the user's activity on the web and convert it into actions for replaying them later

Collapsible Regions added for visually separating groups of actions

Keyboard interface added in Process Designer. The user can now move though the actions and select them using the keyboard

Disabled actions display their icon grayed out

While the Process is running from within the Process Designer the actions are scrolled so that the action after the currently executing is always visible

WinAutomation Console

New, redesigned dialog for the "Create New Process" option that includes the Web Recorder

When a Process execution is canceled by the user, the number of the last executing action is displayed


New "Email Trigger" monitors an email account and runs a Process when an email that matches some specified criteria arrives

Correction for Schedule Trigger; when it was set to fire only on the last day of month it didn't work as expected

Process Compiler

New, redesigned "Compile Process" dialog

Compiled Processes can now have a custom icon and custom info such as company, version number and copyright statement

Each Process remembers the information entered by the user in the last compilation

When a Process contains a "Run Process" action it cannot be compiled and instead a warning is displayed to the user to replace the "Run Process" with a "Run Application" action

A compiled Process has the option to display a Notification Window (like the Processes that run from within WinAutomation) to inform the user of the currently executing action

A Process has the option to be compiled as "Single Instance" meaning that only one instance of the Process can run at the same machine at any time

Corrected: Numbers with trailing sign (e.g. 12-) were incorrectly parsed as legal negative numbers

Modified: All numbers are now parsed using en-US regional settings (i.e. the decimal separator is always the dot)

Corrected: "If Window" action did not function correctly when "Is focused" was selected and a window class was specified

Corrected: When a Process was exported and the folder containing that Process was deleted, the Process failed to import correctly into the same database

Modified: The upper limit for the number or retries in the Exception Handling portion of an Action has been increased (from 5 to 25), along with the seconds to wait for, between retries (from 120 secs to 3600 secs)

Modified: The limit for the OffsetX and OffsetY properties in the "Move Mouse to Image" Action has been increased from 300px to 1000px

Corrected: Numbers with a decimal point were not accepted in expressions. The Process failed to compile

Corrected: The "Run Process" action failed with an error message when the Process contained a variable of type DataRow that didn't contain any value at the moment when the "Run Process" action was executed

Modified: In the "Exception Handling" tab of the action properties' dialog, the selected action is now displayed in white text for better readability

Corrected: The "Wait for Window" action in some cases failed to wait for a window if configured to wait for the "Lose Focus" event

Corrected: The WinAutomation icon in the system tray remained visible after a restart and until the WinAutomation Console window opened, even when set to not visible

Corrected: In some cases, while a Process had completed its execution, the notification window remained open and in the WinAutomation Console the Process continued to appear as running

Corrected: Under certain circumstance an error occurred when opening the properties dialog of the "Delete Files" action

Corrected: A syntax error with the message "Division by zero" occurred in expressions that included a division, regardless of the value of the operands

Corrected: When a copy/paste operation was followed by an undo/redo sequence in some cases an extra action would be added in the Process

Corrected: The text value returned by the "Download from Web" action is now stripped from all non-printable characters

Corrected: In certain cases a "Cannot Unload Domain" exception would occur when stopping a running Process

Modified: The Numeric data type now holds larger values with more precision

Added: Support for add-ons - external action packs

Added: The "Write Text to File" action has an additional property for specifying the encoding used for the text to be written into the file

Added: The "Download from Web" action has a new "Encoding" property for specifying the encoding used for the web page. If the value is set to "Auto-detect" the action uses the encoding specified by the web server

Added: The "Download from Web" action has a default value for the "User Agent" property

Added: In Process Designer, a "Start from Here" menu item has been added in the Context Menu (right click menu) allowing the user to start the execution of a Process from a specific action

Added: Toolbar buttons and menu items in Process Designer are now disabled when a process is executing through the Debugger

Added: While debugging the "Execute Next Action" button can be pressed with a hotkey. The designated hotkey can be specified in the Process Designer Options dialog

Added: While debugging the Process scrolls automatically so that the currently executing action is always visible

Modified: The File Monitor Trigger variable %FileTriggerFilePath% now contains a file object instead of text making easier to retrieve info regarding the file that triggered the Process

Modified: The Dialog box displayed by the "Display Select From List Dialog" action is now resizable to facilitate the selection of long list items

Corrected: The "Send Mouse Click" action presses the correct mouse button when the functions of the left and right mouse buttons have been swapped

Modified: The "Get Special Folder" action now contains a label that displays the path for the selected special folder

Added: In the "Action Properties" dialog the F1 key is now used for opening the help topic for the specific action

Added: The "Wait for Window" action can now wait for a window to get the focus (to become the foreground window) or lose the focus

Added: The "If Window" action can now determine whether a specific window is focused (is the foreground window) or not

Added: The "If Service" action can now determine whether a specific service is installed on the computer or not

Added: New Action: "Get Foreground Window" action retrieves the title and handle of the Window that has the focus

Added: New Action: "Generate Random Number" action, to get a random number or a list of random numbers

Added: New Action: "Shuffle List" action, to randomly permute the items of a list

Added: In the "Parse Text" action there is now an option to perform case-insensitive matching

Corrected: In certain cases, some actions issued a "Reference not set to an instance of an object" error when run through the debugger

Modified: If a Process runs for more than 24 hours, now the Notification dialog also displays the total days in the running time field

Added: New Action: "Get Mouse Position" action, to retrieve the position of the mouse cursor on the screen

Added: The actions "Move Mouse" and "Send Mouse Click" now accept variables for mouse coordinates and the new  mouse position can be relative to the current mouse position

Added: New Action: "Terminate Process" action, to immediately stop a running process

Added: New Action: "Ping" action, for sending a ping message to a remote computer

Added: The "Sort List" action can now sort a list of objects, through specific properties

Corrected: When an IP address was entered in an action's property, depending on the regional settings of the computer, sometimes it was mistakenly interpreted as a number

Added: New Action: "Synchronize FTP Directory" action, to synchronize the contents of a local and remote directory

Added: The "Move Mouse to Image" action has now an option to wait if the image is not initially found as well as an option to send a click after the cursor is moved over the image

Added: New Action: "If Image" action, to check whether an image exists or not on the screen

Added: The "If" action now includes the following operators: "Starts with", "Does not start with", "Contains", "Does not contain", "Ends with", "Does not end with" and "Is Empty". All these new operators (except the last  one) work both in case-sensitive and case-insensitive mode

Added: The Process Designer can now save the Process automatically upon running the Process through the debugger. This option can be specified through the Process Designer Options Dialog

Corrected: In some cases the Console didn't close successfully, leaving a ghost process running

Added: New Action: "Remove Duplicate Items from List" action, to remove multiple occurrences of the same item in a list

Added: New Action: "Empty Folder" action, to delete the contents of a folder without deleting the folder itself

Modified: The "Get Process's Path" action now retrieves the path (folder plus process name) of non-compiled Processes too

Modified: The "Download from Web" action can download a file and keep its original name as specified by the web server. When this option is selected, only the destination folder needs to be provided, instead of the full local path

Added: In the "Replace Text" action there is now an option to perform case-insensitive matching

Modified: The "Replace With" property of the "Replace Text" action now accepts multi-line values

Added: The "Convert Text to DateTime" action has now an option for converting dates that are represented in a non-standard format

Corrected: The "Write Text to File" action crashed the designer when an extremely long text was entered as the value to be written into the file

Added: The "Clear Logs" dialog allows you to archive the events into a different file before deleting them

Corrected: In Windows Vista/7 for the event log to be cleared the Console should run with elevated privileged (as administrator)

Added: In the "Run DOS Command" action a new output property has been added for retrieving any error messages issued by the command or the console application

Added: In the "End Process" action a new property has been added for specifying the Exit Code for Processes that are compiled

Modified: In the "Exception Handling" tab of an action's properties dialog, exceptions that are handled (have some behavior assigned) are displayed in bold

Corrected: When two or more Process designers were open simultaneously the same Undo history was shared between the different designers

Added: Support for persistent variables that keep their value between subsequent executions of the same Process. For compiled Processes, persistent variables are stored into a satellite file and can be encrypted

Added: A Welcome window is displayed when launching the WinAutomation console, that contains video tutorials and educational material

Added: In the Options window there is an additional option that sets the application to remember the size and layout of the Console and Process Designer windows

Corrected: In the "Rename Files" action, when renaming a file and specifying as a new name the name it already had, and the "Overwrite" selection was chosen, the file was deleted

Modified: In the "Run Process" action the list of Processes to choose from, now appears sorted

Corrected: When deleting an action sometimes the window didn't refresh properly

Corrected: An error occurred in the "Run Process" action if the Process had already launched an Excel instance

Corrected: The "Unzip files" action would not unzip files that their names started or ended with a dot (.)

Corrected: In rare cases the Notification Window was displayed below other windows. In other cases it could steal the keyboard focus from the foreground window

Corrected: The "Find Common List Items" action returned the first list instead of the intersection of the two provided lists

Corrected: The "Capture" function in the "Move Mouse to Image" and "Wait for Image" actions produced an error if an empty region was selected

Added: A message box is displayed to inform the user after an attempt to export a Process that contains illegal characters in its name

Corrected: The "Rename File(s)" action in the Designer did not display correctly the "Add DateTime before/after" property value in the designer

Corrected: Processes performance deteriorated when variables contained large amount of data

Corrected: SendKeys action failed to send correctly the characters ~, %, ^, (, ), +, [ and ]

Corrected: Exception occurred in very large Processes (more than 3000 actions)

Corrected: In some cases, a process would stop when the user pressed Enter because the "Stop Process" in the notification window had the focus by default

Corrected: Schedule Trigger's "Monthly" option is now working as intended

Corrected: Subtract Lists action bug corrected

Added: Minimum Delay Between Keystrokes (Send Keys action) is now 0

Corrected: A known issue with "Send Keys" action where in rare cases duplicate keystrokes were sent

Added: Send Keys now works in remote desktop

Added: Send Keys now works in Console Window

Added: Multiple repetitive keystrokes can be sent in the format {X:n}

Corrected: "Delete FTP Directory" action now deletes directories even when they are not empty (recursively)

Corrected: A normal exception thrown by the "Unzip Files" action could result in an unhandled exception

Corrected: When "Display Big Icons" setting was selected in Process Designer the icons failed to display properly

Corrected: "Open FTP Connection" could fail if the agent was launched before the service. It has now been fixed

WinAutomation's service is now more lightweight and more stable

All errors with 64bit versions of windows have been fixed

You can now stop WinAutomation's service by right clicking on the tray icon of the Agent and selecting: "Exit WinAutomation"

WinAutomation's service has been redesigned, to require less system resources

There is no longer an option to start and stop the service through the console. Opening the console will automatically start the service and you cannot stop the service through the tray icon if the console is open


The general options have been enriched; check "Tools - Options" in the console window to test the new options. Specifically:

  • There is now an option to stop all Processes that are currently running with a HotKey (General tab)

  • There is an option that allows you to control if WinAutomation's service will start when the machine boots (Service tab)

  • You can now disable the system tray icon (Notifications tab)

  • The "balloon" that used to notify the user whenever a process started or ended has been replaced by a special Notification Popup Window that you can show or hide (Notifications tab)

  • You can globally decide which file types will be treated as ASCII files by the FTP actions (FTP tab)

  • There are some "Global Error Handling" options that you can set in the case that your Processes fail to complete such as Write the Event to a log file or Send Email (Error Handling tab). In the case that you decide to send an email, you will have to set the SMTP options (SMTP Server tab)

There is a new logging system; check "Tools - View Logs" to see the changes. You can filter the log events based on date, type of event or source of event. There is also a new pane in the console that shows the most recent Log Records

You can now open multiple Processes and still be able to interact with the console

You can view the logs for a specific process (Right click on the process and select "View Logs for the specific process" option)

The Processes are now saved in a database that you can backup, restore and compact ("Tools - Manage Processes Database")

The Processes are now exported to a new file type (*.waj), however, there is backward compatibility (you can import old xml files but you can't open waj files with WinAutomation 2)

You can import multiple Processes at once

There is a special executable in WinAutomation's installation directory (WinAutomationController.exe) that allows you to run and stop your Processes through the command line

Process Designer

All actions have been redesigned and in their property dialogs the main tab is now divided in 2 sections: "Action Input" and "Action Output"

A new special "gear" icon has been introduced, that allows you to select from variables that have been created/used earlier in the process. This icon can be used only in fields that reside in the "Action Input" section of the action's properties window

There are a lot of internal features like automatic variable handling (automatically create a new variable when it's declared and delete when it's not used) and the addition of new types of variables (files, folders etc) that intend to make interaction with variables much easier. For example, you do not need to use the "Define New Variable" option now: you just place a variable name in the field and if it does not exist, it is automatically created

There are no longer yellow and white background colors in forms: whenever you want to use a variable, you will have to enclose it in percentages (e.g %MyVar%)

The image recognition system has been significantly changed: it is now more accurate and stable, and the tolerance option is now more versatile (in version 3, it does not only understand differences in color tones but it also indicates the amount of different pixels that is allowed)

New Actions

Download From Web (Web category): This action acts like a browser and can handle http requests, supporting both, get and post method for posting data

Get Command Line Arguments (WinAutomation actions category): This action retrieves the command line arguments that can be provided through the command line or if the process is compiled

Get Process's Path (WinAutomation actions category): This action retrieves the path to the executable (obviously works only if the process is compiled)

Wait For Mouse (Wait category): You can now use this action for specific type of applications where the only indicator that you have for a complete task is the mouse icon

Press/Release Key (Mouse and Keyboard category): Presses (and holds) or releases a moifier key. This new action allows you to combine any of the known modifiers (Control, Alt, Shift) with a mouse move/click

Set Key State (Mouse and Keyboard category): You can use this key to ensure that Caps Lock, Scroll Lock and Num Lock are on the state that you want them to be during the execution of a specific process

Display Notification (Message Boxes category): This action can be used to print useful information about the process execution in the Notification window that pops up whenever you run the process through the console (unless you have specified that this window does not appear). Also, it will print the information that you specify in the console window that will appear if you compile your process as a "Console Application"

Display Select Date dialog (Message Boxes category): Allows you to prompt the user to select a date or a date range

Get Special Folder (Folders category): This action will return the path of special Windows folders (e.g Desktop). It can prove really useful if you want to create a process that does not depend on the user's Windows version (XP/Vista)

Open Secure FTP Connection (FTP category): Allows you to open a secure FTP connection (sFTP or FTPs, implicit or explicit)

Download Folder(s) (FTP category): Allows the download of a folder and its contents through FTP

Upload Folder(s) (FTP category): Allows the upload of a folder and its contents through FTP

Invoke FTP Command (FTP category): Allows you to send a custom FTP command to an FTP server

Change Text Case (Text Actions category): Allows you to change the case of a specific text (possible options to convert to: lowercase, UPPERCASE, Sentence case, Title Case)

Changed Actions

Start Process Action (WinAutomation actions category): There is now an option to "Wait for process to complete". The process that is called through this action, can now use the variables that are declared in the main process

Display Input Dialog (Message Boxes category): This action can now prompt the user for a password, and accept multiple lines as input

Display Select from List Dialog (Message Boxes category): You can now allow the user to select multiple items and disallow the empty selection

Get Files in Folder (Files category): Allows you to sort the files that you retrieve based on specific attributes (e.g Size, Last Modified etc)

Get SubFolders in Folder (Folders category): Allows you to sort the folders that you retrieve based on specific attributes (e.g Creation Time, Last Modified etc)

Download File(s) from FTP (FTP category): Allows you to select "Auto" as a transfer type

Upload File(s) to FTP (FTP category): Allows you to select "Auto" as a transfer type

Open FTP Connection (FTP category): You can now use use a variable as password

Compile Process to Exe

There are new options to choose from when you are generating an executable: you can specify how the exe will deal with a possible exception (e.g Return error code = 1) or if you want to compile the process as a windows or a console application