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Status Monitor Window

The Status Monitor Window can be accessed by right clicking on the WinAutomation icon in the system tray, as per the previous topic OR by clicking on "(details)" at the bottom of the Console.




Clicking on the "Show Status Monitor" the Status Monitor Window will appear.


In this window you will find the following information:

  • All the running Processes will be listed. You can expand each running Process to display more information for it like Instance id, Start Time, Cause of running (manual or trigger invocation).

  • Next to the Processes name you will see how many instances are currently running and how many are Queued.

  • At the left bottom of the window the overall number of Running Processes and Queued Processes will be shown.

Form the Status Monitor Window you will be able to Stop all Running Processes or click on a Process (or on more than one Processes, holding the Ctrl key down) and force them to Stop running.