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What Are Triggers?

Triggers help you to run a WinAutomation Process automatically without your interference. For example, if you want something to happen when a system is down, when a file is created, when a service is starting/stopping or when you press a key combination, this is the way to set it up.

Triggers work whenever they are set to, even if there is no user logged onto the computer at that time.

For Triggers (and ​​Schedules)​ to work, the WinAutomation Services must be running in the background, constantly checking and starting Processes if a Trigger is set off. As long as they are running, WinAutomation Triggers will function normally. If you right-click on the ​Agent in the System Tray​​ and choose Exit WinAutomation, you will disable all Triggers and close all functionality of WinAutomation until you run the program again. This is different from the Console, so Triggers will still function normally if the Console has been closed.

Triggers can be disabled universally from the ​​Triggers tab​​ after selecting "Select All" and "Disable Triggers". This means that no Triggers will fire, until you change this setting.

If you want to disable the Triggers for one Process without deleting them, right-click on the Process and choose Disable Process. Now this Process will not run, manually or through Triggers, until you Enable the Process again.